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Remixes & Covers

We love making remixes and covers of modern or classical songs, music from movies, television shows and video games. You can listen to our covers by clicking the following link: VioDance in Spotify
VioDance in Deezer

If you like our music and would like to support us and buy it, you can do so here:
VioDance in itunes
VioDance in Google Play
VioDance in Amazon

Also if you have any ideas for a cover or a remix, let us know through our mail.

royalty free music production
Songwriting and music production

We are available for custom audio projects, be it an ident theme (jingle) or a full track for your company or advertising campaign. The complete process, from songwriting, production, mixing and mastering takes place in our studio, so there is no outsourcing or aditional costs involved. We also offer Royalty Free music for any kind of project, from corporate to cinematic, which can be found by clicking the following link: Portfolio in Audiojungle
Portfolio in SoundTaxi