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Projection Mapping With Violin

We offer the posibility to include in our performance projections that can be made on surfaces or on the violinist's dress.

Violin With Projection Mapping

We are the first (and only) ones in the world to combine the violin performance with projections of video mapping. Our goal is to synchronize images and animations with music and the movements of the violinist.

The performance consists of a synchronized fusion of animations (CGI) and live music infront of a screen. The violinist's task is to interact with the animations while performing the musical themes.

If you wish to hire an exclusive and one of a kind performance, this is your best option.

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P.A. System
A good quality PA system, free of noise and distortion. Brands such as HK, JBL, FBT, EV, Dynacord or similar are recommended. Power output should be appropriate for the number of guests and size of the venue, with sufficiently clear and constant coverage for all the areas of the venue, including balconies and VIP areas.

Monitoring System
A monitoring signal output for use with our wireless in-ear monitoring system or 2 monitors (or at least 1) placed on stage infront of the artist.

Input List
2 inputs XLR or RCA on the FOH mixer. The audio connection cable from our mixer, to the FOH mixer must be provided by the PA provider.


It will be necessary to do a soundcheck at least 1 hour prior to the entrance of the guests. In case there is a professional lighting system with a light technician, it may be take longer to coordinate lighting scenes and cue's.


On the venue:
- A 120x40 cm or 70x90 cm (or similar) table to place our equipment (mixer, effects and wireless system). Close to the table should be a 220V electrical outlet.

- A lockable changing room.

- A parking place near the venue (for events in Spain). In case there are parking expenses, the client must cover them.

For events outside of Madrid:
- A bank deposit covering travel expenses and local transport paid prior to the event (gasoline, train, bus, AVE).

- Accommodations and meals in case we are unable to return to Madrid after the event (1 double room and meal for 2 persons)

Download our Technical Rider in pdf


We bring our own wireless radio system and in-ear:

- Sennheiser EW 372 G3 / E-Band (Receiver) with Bodypack SK 300 G3

- Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 / E-Band (In-ear Monitor)

- XDJ-R1 Mixer

- Boss GT-10 Multieffect Pedal or Zoom G3n


- Electric Violin Yamaha SV-200 BL (black)

- Electric Violin Yamaha YEV-105 BL encrusted with crystals.

- Acrylic Electric Violin Aurora Atelier Audio 5-strings

- Electric Violin Gewa Novita WH customized with white flowers

- Carbon Fiber Violin Qarbonia

- Acoustic Violin Tononi 5 strings

- We put at your disposal a selection of songs with their corresponding projections. If you need that we prepare a specific musical theme, or special visual content, we can do it if there is enough time to prepare it.

- We can include in our projections your company logo. This way, you can customize the performance.

- To achieve the intended effect, we recommend to strictly follow the technical rider for the LED and laser show.

- To maximize the "WOW" effect, we can combine this show with LEDs and lasers.

- If you have doubts, we put our experience at your disposal so that you can get the full benefit out of our performance.

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