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LED & DMX Violin Show

LED technology is incorporated in the violin and in the violinist's dress, offering a variety of colors that can be combined with the event's decoration.

LED Violin Show

A vital component in our performances is light. The way we achieve this is by incorporating LEDs in the performer's violin and attire, in an elegant way and being able to match the colors to the event's color scheme.

The LEDs that we offer can change color, and even synchronize to the music or the event's light programming, thanks to the wireless DMX technology. This way you will be sure that nobody will miss the performance!

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To see the technical rider about sound, monitoring system and soundcheck click here or download the rider directly below

- For the LED performance to have its full impact, we require complete darkness in the venue. The visibility of the LED costume and LED backlit violin will be greatly diminished in illuminated venues.


On the venue:
- A 120x40 cm or 70x90 cm (or similar) table to place our equipment (mixer, effects and wireless system). Close to the table should be a 220V electrical outlet.

- A lockable changing room.

- A parking place near the venue (for events in Spain). In case there are parking expenses, the client must cover them.

For events outside of Madrid:
- A bank deposit covering travel expenses and local transport paid prior to the event (gasoline, train, bus, AVE).

- Accommodations and meals in case we are unable to return to Madrid after the event (1 double room and meal for 2 persons)

Download our Technical Rider in pdf


We bring our own wireless radio system and in-ear:

- Sennheiser EW 372 G3 / E-Band (Receiver) with Bodypack SK 300 G3

- Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3 / E-Band (In-ear Monitor)

- XDJ-R1 Mixer

- Boss GT-10 Multieffect Pedal or Zoom G3n


- Electric Violin Yamaha SV-200 BL (black)

- Electric Violin Yamaha YEV-105 BL encrusted with crystals.

- Acrylic Electric Violin Aurora Atelier Audio 5-strings

- Electric Violin Gewa Novita WH customized with white flowers

- Carbon Fiber Violin Qarbonia

- Acoustic Violin Tononi 5 strings

- The darker the stage is, the more impressive the LEDs in the violin and dress will look.

- The LEDs on the dress can't be on for more than 15 minutes.

- You can combine this performance with the laser bow or with projection mapping to cause further impact on the audience.

- For "Impact Shows", the stage should not be smaller than the following measurements: 4 meters wide and 2,5 meters deep, so the violinist can move and dance. Also, the stage should be elevated, so the audience has a clear view of the performance

- If you have doubts, we put our experience at your disposal so that you can get the full benefit out of our performance.

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