VioDance DJ & violinist

We are VioDance, a duo formed by violinist Becky and DJ Davor Jelacic. Our main goal is to offer our clients a different and innovative performance with high energy music (house, dance, pop...) remixed and adapted for the electric violin, and incorporating LED lights, lasers, projection mapping, DMX and other technologies, giving as a result a different, unique and original performance.

We have extensive experience in corporate events, unveils, fashion shows and private parties all over Spain, as well as internationally: Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore and Venezuela. We have performed in high profile festivals such as the EXIT Fest 2012 (Serbia), and appeared in TV shows as "Todo Va Bien" from channel CUATRO, and Spanish television contests "Got Talent España" and "Tu Si Que Vales" in Telecinco; also TV commercials for Mediaset ("La vida es una carrera - MotoGP"). Our client list includes multinational companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Carglass, Huawei, Oracle, Dior (LVMH Group), Velux, Mediamarkt, Schwarzkopf, Matrix (L'Oréal Group) Nivea, Heineken, Ron Barceló, MissBIH for Miss World, Hilton, Marriott, Novotel, Steigenberger El Tahrir Cairo (Deutsche Hospitality), UBA (United Bank for Africa), Roche and Sandoz, among others.

We met each other in an online RPG game, but it was music that brought us closer together. It was enough to make us cross the ocean to meet, and finally, to marry each other. Ever since then, we have been performing all over the world, and loving it. In our free time, we like to produce music, shoot and edit videos, tinker with HTML, suffer with 3D modeling and to play games.

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Listen to Violin Music and Covers

Adagio for Strings  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Assassin's Creed Medley  [Spotify] [Deezer][YouTube]

A Thousand Years  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Canon In D  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Can't Help Falling In Love  [Spotify] [YouTube]

Chandelier  [Spotify] [YouTube]

Cheerleader  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Chi Mai  [Spotify] [Deezer]

DotA 2 Medley  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Échame La Culpa  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

England Skies  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Faded  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Fallout 4 Tema Principal  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Forrest Gump (Feather Theme)  [Spotify] [Deezer] 

Frozen Let It Go  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Game of Thrones Remix  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Hallelujah  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Hello  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

In And Out Of Love  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Love Me Like You Do  [Spotify] [YouTube]

May It Be  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Moon River  [Spotify] [YouTube]

Nothing Else Matters  [Spotify] 

Nuvole Bianche  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Pirates of the Caribbean Remix  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Something Just Like This  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Story Of My Life  [Spotify] [Deezer]

The Curse Of The Sad Mummy  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

The Greatest  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

The Last of the Mohicans OST  [Spotify] [Deezer]

The Last of the Mohicans Remix  [Spotify] [YouTube]

The Scientist  [Spotify] [Deezer]

Time Remix  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Toccata Remix  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Trauma  [Spotify] [YouTube]

Vikings  [Spotify] [YouTube]

Zelda Breath Of The Wild  [Spotify] [Deezer] [YouTube]

Buy Violin Music And Covers

Adagio for Strings  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Assassin's Creed Medley  [iTunes] [Google Play]

A Thousand Years  [iTunes] [Google Play]

Canon In D  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Can't Help Falling In Love  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Chandelier  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Cheerleader  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Chi Mai  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

DotA 2 Medley  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Échame La Culpa  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

England Skies  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Faded  [iTunes] [Google Play]

Fallout 4 Tema Principal  [Amazon] [Google Play]

Forrest Gump (Feather Theme)  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Frozen Let It Go  [iTunes] [Google Play]

Game of Thrones Remix  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Hallelujah  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Hello  [Amazon] [Google Play]

In And Out Of Love  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Love Me Like You Do  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

May It Be  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Moon River  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Nothing Else Matters  [Amazon] 

Nuvole Bianche  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Pirates of the Caribbean Remix  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Something Just Like This  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Story Of My Life  [iTunes] [Google Play]

Summer  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

The Curse Of The Sad Mummy  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

The Greatest  [iTunes] [Google Play]

The Last of the Mohicans OST  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

The Last of the Mohicans Remix  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

The Scientist  [iTunes] [Google Play]

Time Remix  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Toccata Remix  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Trauma  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Vikings  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]

Zelda Breath Of The Wild  [iTunes] [Amazon] [Google Play]